Youth Cafe' Vangate

Youth Cafe' Vangate

Monday, 27 July 2015


My best digital experians whas linkedin reason being its just awsome its the best app for finding work and updating your cv  and it gives you a description of the type of job you looking for


I have joined The Youth Cafe in March 2015 and i have been loving the experience that i have gained so far.

My digital experience has been really exciting and i have learnt many fun things , I have learnt many things that i did not know even existed and having a chance to utilize these new things, programmes, websites and applications and learning to use them in a every day situation while proving that i understand these things by means of explaining and showing what i have learnt in presentation form and how it can make my life much much easier.

I hope that i learn many more and i already know that my future in digital experiencing will get more exciting and i cannot wait to learn and try out these new things thats heading my way.

Monday, 1 June 2015


The first time I walked into the photography workshop I was so excited because this was the first time I was doing photography in my life.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

What the youth cafe' has given to me

Nicole America

The second day of the fourth month I was officially connected to the Youth Cafe'. With this came a new family, a new lifestyle.  I am an introvert, sad case, but somehow the moment I walk through the doors of the cafe' I am given the freedom and the chance to be a bit of an extrovert because there is no judgement nor any negativity. This truly is a place of love and acceptance. I think I've been part of two or three sessions and I feel that with each session I am given new knowledge and a chance to develop personally, not to mention the tools I gain to use in my daily life.

All in all I love the Youth Cafe'.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

My life Story about Youth Cafe

This was my favorite day we were doing a presentation about the 1920's and we choose a theme of grease. It was the most cool day of my life because I learned how they dress codes and how they style their hair. About their foods and the drinks. Its really awesome, I wish i live that years.


The youth cafe's different type of sessions for me like the entrepreneurship digital and communication done by Taryn Adrian and Eddison.
I n those session I learn lost of new things some on how to blog and to communicate Eddison today was very funny and serious at the same time his session are
inspiriting and motivating to go for what you want and not to let anything get you down. Adrian digital sessions are the best because learning more ways to use a
computer and how to go on websites like about by putting a short biography of yourself online if I had to rate the cafe session I would give it
a 10  the
workshops are best I like photography the most. Communication is also cool.

My Techno inner potential

My first time using the internet within my digital sessions at the Youth Cafe VGM

My experience using the internet within my digital sessions was a boosting step of knowledge, creating my self a G-mail account opened many doors for me, many doors to use to make my life and ease one.

The Youth cafe Vangate mall change'd the way i think about the techno field, and how it can make our lives easier in the modern world.

 Adrian Barnes, was one who broke walls in the techno area for me, maid me understand the inner tools we can use to make the internet a fun and useful resource we can benefit of.

Although the digital field is not something i would indeed go into, yet its a form of information ill carry with me, to implement in my life and other who is interested.

To day i know so much, in the digital compounds and sessions and  all that what i was taught, it was the best ever had a ball of the time.

Digital is one of my challengers, i never thought ill over came now i seek more and more out it thank you Youth cafe for allowing me to reach inner potential in something i had no idea about.

Now i'm using the laptops hardly asking assistance, cause my objective was to change the way i think about it, and i reached the objective i'm not a master in digital yet i know what i'm doing and how i'm doing it .Digital rock with awesome vibes of knowledge.