Youth Cafe' Vangate

Youth Cafe' Vangate

Thursday, 28 May 2015

What the youth cafe' has given to me

Nicole America

The second day of the fourth month I was officially connected to the Youth Cafe'. With this came a new family, a new lifestyle.  I am an introvert, sad case, but somehow the moment I walk through the doors of the cafe' I am given the freedom and the chance to be a bit of an extrovert because there is no judgement nor any negativity. This truly is a place of love and acceptance. I think I've been part of two or three sessions and I feel that with each session I am given new knowledge and a chance to develop personally, not to mention the tools I gain to use in my daily life.

All in all I love the Youth Cafe'.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

My life Story about Youth Cafe

This was my favorite day we were doing a presentation about the 1920's and we choose a theme of grease. It was the most cool day of my life because I learned how they dress codes and how they style their hair. About their foods and the drinks. Its really awesome, I wish i live that years.


The youth cafe's different type of sessions for me like the entrepreneurship digital and communication done by Taryn Adrian and Eddison.
I n those session I learn lost of new things some on how to blog and to communicate Eddison today was very funny and serious at the same time his session are
inspiriting and motivating to go for what you want and not to let anything get you down. Adrian digital sessions are the best because learning more ways to use a
computer and how to go on websites like about by putting a short biography of yourself online if I had to rate the cafe session I would give it
a 10  the
workshops are best I like photography the most. Communication is also cool.

My Techno inner potential

My first time using the internet within my digital sessions at the Youth Cafe VGM

My experience using the internet within my digital sessions was a boosting step of knowledge, creating my self a G-mail account opened many doors for me, many doors to use to make my life and ease one.

The Youth cafe Vangate mall change'd the way i think about the techno field, and how it can make our lives easier in the modern world.

 Adrian Barnes, was one who broke walls in the techno area for me, maid me understand the inner tools we can use to make the internet a fun and useful resource we can benefit of.

Although the digital field is not something i would indeed go into, yet its a form of information ill carry with me, to implement in my life and other who is interested.

To day i know so much, in the digital compounds and sessions and  all that what i was taught, it was the best ever had a ball of the time.

Digital is one of my challengers, i never thought ill over came now i seek more and more out it thank you Youth cafe for allowing me to reach inner potential in something i had no idea about.

Now i'm using the laptops hardly asking assistance, cause my objective was to change the way i think about it, and i reached the objective i'm not a master in digital yet i know what i'm doing and how i'm doing it .Digital rock with awesome vibes of knowledge.



I  got a lot of love and friends of  real human beings here in the youth cafe i met a great friend name called ezra  his my buddy who motivate me go stay focus and move on forward every day i get all the love and support in the place the people make me feel human again they make me believe i am part of the future of life that we live on this earth  the experience that i get here is great for my future as an artist and human being so youth cafe is great for my future and destiny

the experience of the education is great i did learn a lot in the place when it come to education the technology is great the basics that i get i love it so all the above in the cafe is my highlights of my great time i enjoy it hear

your life is your own

My name is Ilhaam my friend told me about this place so he told me to come to the youth cafe so i told him okay fine I will come so I came it was on a Thursday when I sign up but I didn't stay because I'm a very shy first day on Friday when I came to the youth cafe I didn't know anyone I knew only one person but then I came everyday so I got used to everyone around me .I'm learning a  lot here and i love this space and I love everyone for being there for me and i thank everyone for helping me I love being at the youth cafe...

My highlight in the cafe

My highlight at the cafe was the time when we had a session with Christine and Suzanne with the mirror ,it changed my life and its helping me to better myself . I am using the skills to better my life . I never knew that I can be so , in front of people , thanks guys , love you much

Ryan, super digital guy

My experience in digital was all about tips & tricks, searching for places overseas on the internet
and playing with cellphones and laptops. We found research on advanced technology and how to use it.

Monday, 25 May 2015

My experience behind the scenes

Once I was taking a walk, I met a lady and I asked her for a job, she told me she would find out for
People who dont care about their families
People who dont care about their families
Not giving up on some think u started 
me. She gave me the answer, she told me I must go to the Youth Cafe, as I came in to a space and an opportunity of a lifetime where I gained knowledge. I started to learned amazing stuff that's mind blowing and it was at a cafe where amazing kids were together and they taught me awesome things within the space. I never knew I had those abilities in me so I kept going. People  were making fun of me at home, as I ignored them my strength started to build and more was coming out of me to the person I was meant to be in life. I was stuck in gangsterism but as adapted to the space I was in it, it made me a different person and could imagine what is still in me that must still come out. My mind is running a lot of places that I can imagine. Things started to go vital within my mind.

The first day at the youthcafe

lost and confuse

The first day i came here i was confuse about whats going on here i heard this is a place for second chance education. So than i first start to observe the space and even the people. I actually found out that  the people in the space are very unique in their own ways and loving,caring and very eager to help other people educational,emotional,spiritual.

digital session

I knew this was a place for me.To start over and to learn again and to make something of my life and even became someone.

Youth Cafe Life

                                                  YOUTH CAFE LIFE
Education Center
Youth Cafe'
Since I started the youth cafe in middle July 2014 I was lost I never had a direction in witch to follow till I come to the cafe.The cafe is a place to be positive have hope and never give up.The Cafe really helped me because I never knew i would become what I am today a person who is more motivated and helpful.The classes we get at the Youth Cafe really help's allot because we don't get these things in school and out in our community.I really enjoy myself at the cafe because the people at the youth cafe is like a family to me and treats everyone the same not differently.
Choose life wise
Lost of direction 

The place to be

Youth cafe

Never loose hope
The  place to be
Change is inevitable
RLABS-The start
YOUTH CAFE-the vision

The heart of the cafe is family,we belief in unity and hope.You experience so much more than what you expect,from love an belonging to a second chance at life,but that's just the start,we develop and grow on a level witch you just can't explain.To many of us at the Cafe coming here was an institute were we could chill,get educated and meet new friends not seeing the bigger picture witch was to find the value of us and what we capable of but as time went by we've learned that nothing is impossible because the word itself means i'm possible and true value is created when creating value for others.The cafe also taught us life is no game and you need to be strong and go for what you belief in no matter your history,background,intellect or education level because the Youth cafe was build for chance and we belief chance is inevitable. Rlabs-Youth cafe.
(A social revolution).

My digital experience

My digital Experience

My digital experience had been one of the best experience I ever have. The session that i receive in the class is so awesome that is can't put it in words. I can do so much in that my passion it just increase more and more each day. I the digital and it so awesome.

                                     My time at the youth cafe


When i first came to the youth cafe , I was very shy but not
doing maths homework
youth cafe'
because its general , Because i never been in a class in years , And i didn't say much in my first class cause i came late, but then the more i started coming to the youth cafe i started getting use to the people and actually made friends that i still hang out with today , I started experiencing different things , Things that the outside life couldn't teach me , And now the way i think is totally different , And that's just of what i learnt at the youth cafe, That life's to short  , And you only live once , so live it right.

My Digital Experience

My time in the digital is the best time even . I never knew that a person can look for things in a easy way . All tho its the basice things that we get but that will help us in a long run . At first i wasn't sure what it's all about but , every class we do we get more and more deeper in the digital world .

wendys update

Hy Gus just want  to let you all no how wonderful it is to be part  of  such a loveing bash of 
I myself  was very shy always sat in a corner and now i speak to every one any one .

thay also gives you the skill to work  on computers.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

My experience at a place where i felt good

Fist i felt loss but when I adapted, its started to build my knowledge and that's when I knew I had something good  in me and siting in digital class, my mind start it to go wild and big and when i started typing I can't stop, it felt like I had something in me that keeps me going.

Today was my first time in a digital session and what i have learnt is that there are a lot of different things that I have to get to know, So as times allows me to get more information i will surely not hesitate do these types sessions....

My time in a digital session

Digital session.....

My time in the digital session were very educating. The things I learnt were thing I knew, but when I was in the session it was like i didn't know anything, It was like it was the first time I was doing it. For example I always use twitter but when i was in session about twitter i was like lost. It was like it was the first time i heard about it. It had a lot of other things that i didn't know about.

I am happy that i join these session because i am leaning more then I know. its really cool.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

My Gate Way to Digital

My love for computers have made me  a   better person   and I have learnt
a want grow from here with wat I  have learned  and with the youth cafe 

and the classes I attend with digital 

In A Small Dimension Of A Self Expanding Universe... Called Technology


Ask yourself a simple question. Where do I stand? How do I keep up with an ever expanding universe called technology? Well, I may not have the answer to that, but I at least came across an institution where this questions and statements are explored freely. This institution is The Youth Cafe.
Now, being the guy that I am, I like to stay up to date with the latest trends and creations in Technology. This was easy for me because ever since I've been attending the Digital Sessions hosted By Adrian & Taryn at the Youth Cafe, I've been exposed to things that I would never have known. It was and still is an eye opener for me. It feeds my hunger for being on top of the game. So ask yourself the question again. How do you keep up? well, the answer is simple. Attend the Youth Cafe's Digital Sessions... You wont regret anything, Guaranteed!!!!!!

- Nadeem Johnson | King Johnson

This is how i experiences technology

At first I knew nothing about digital but when I found out about it  I was in a whole new world and to see technology back than and now and even still to came its amazing to be part off it and to experience it.

My digital experience

Digital Experience 

  • Very helpful and good.
  • I also find it very much innovative and flexible 
  • It is educative.
  • It's Informative and radical.
  • Accommodating, sharing and caring.
  • Sets another platform to life for us as mankind or humanity globally or worldwide. 
  • Blogging personally can be used as a means to combat or fight negative habits within or daily lives.
  • It helps community also awakes people.
  • Its good for us and can also be destructive as in negative or bad(Darkness).


This is Shaina!
Coming from a person that is not always at "The Cafe'"...I always look forward to the Digital session. My first love was IT, introduced to me by my father so I can relate to most of the things taught in the class. However, most times you learn about things you never even knew existed and it blows your mind. It gets you ready for life. Let's face it: Life is digital!

i love digital

I have learnt a lot about digital I learnt about things I never new about things that you can do on a laptop.and I love everything that I have learnt in the digital sessions

Monday, 11 May 2015

the youth cafe is a real place to experience your dreams and to make an image

My Digital sessions

For the time that i sit in the Digital sessions i have learned so much....I'm in contact with people i didn't know i would be in contact i can't wait to learn more but thanks to the youth cafe and Adrian.and now that I'm  learning about blogging , its one thing i wanted to do along time and finally i get to do it so its amazing to be blogging.......

muzaffar mohamed's digital experiences

what i have learnt by the whole concept of the meaning of social network is that in the time of great grief with technology comes great power and understanding of the world and that socializing play's a big role in our everyday live's especially if you got a phone or any other extraordinary item of mass destruction (get it ) lol mass destruction as in a whole lot of people ,and if you don't have it ,what i suggest is get a phone or something.  

My Digital Experience

                            DIGITAL EXPERIENCE

Since I came to the cafe I never knew what digital was until I got my 1st session.As time went on I gained more experience in the digital field and i find it much easy then before when I started.I love being in a digital session cause I learn new things everyday and its good cause the digital world changes everyday.

Noob... :/

This has been my first Youth Cafe session, the session is about blogging. My first thought was; "Blogging? :/" To my surprise, it actually had me interested in seeing what this virtual reality is all about. Sharing thoughts, experiences, etc. Having a platform to engage in debates and if need be get some advice. I'm a total new born to this, so let's hope for much more interesting blogs in the future. 

PeaceLove&ChickenGrease :D

my experiance in the digital session

In my very first digital session, I was a bit confused as to what it was about. Attending the class I realised that there was more to life than just the people around you. experimenting on different apps and going online is fun. If this is what you are looking for please attend, "I highly recommend it".

Although I love technology and what it has to offer, I always thought that there was a limit -now I've made my first post on the yc blog.

digital experences

the digital session were very good and learn new ways to use a computer and how to do different types of things I have learned how to use coding blogging and making new accounts like linked in   and making fan pages. I like working on computers Adrian's sessions are the best.

My digital experience

My digital experience has been awesome,i'v learn so many new things personally and online.
I't has been so interesting and different and i never new how many opportunities there can be with in the digital field.My digital experience has helped me in the field that i want to go in to witch is tourism and traveling by interacting and communicating from people from all over the world,developing my language skills and i have also seen that there is more to life then what you see in front of you.