Youth Cafe' Vangate

Youth Cafe' Vangate

Monday, 25 May 2015

The place to be

Youth cafe

Never loose hope
The  place to be
Change is inevitable
RLABS-The start
YOUTH CAFE-the vision

The heart of the cafe is family,we belief in unity and hope.You experience so much more than what you expect,from love an belonging to a second chance at life,but that's just the start,we develop and grow on a level witch you just can't explain.To many of us at the Cafe coming here was an institute were we could chill,get educated and meet new friends not seeing the bigger picture witch was to find the value of us and what we capable of but as time went by we've learned that nothing is impossible because the word itself means i'm possible and true value is created when creating value for others.The cafe also taught us life is no game and you need to be strong and go for what you belief in no matter your history,background,intellect or education level because the Youth cafe was build for chance and we belief chance is inevitable. Rlabs-Youth cafe.
(A social revolution).

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