Youth Cafe' Vangate

Youth Cafe' Vangate

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

My Techno inner potential

My first time using the internet within my digital sessions at the Youth Cafe VGM

My experience using the internet within my digital sessions was a boosting step of knowledge, creating my self a G-mail account opened many doors for me, many doors to use to make my life and ease one.

The Youth cafe Vangate mall change'd the way i think about the techno field, and how it can make our lives easier in the modern world.

 Adrian Barnes, was one who broke walls in the techno area for me, maid me understand the inner tools we can use to make the internet a fun and useful resource we can benefit of.

Although the digital field is not something i would indeed go into, yet its a form of information ill carry with me, to implement in my life and other who is interested.

To day i know so much, in the digital compounds and sessions and  all that what i was taught, it was the best ever had a ball of the time.

Digital is one of my challengers, i never thought ill over came now i seek more and more out it thank you Youth cafe for allowing me to reach inner potential in something i had no idea about.

Now i'm using the laptops hardly asking assistance, cause my objective was to change the way i think about it, and i reached the objective i'm not a master in digital yet i know what i'm doing and how i'm doing it .Digital rock with awesome vibes of knowledge.


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